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The Carpet of Life concept is based on traditional Moroccan carpets called Boucherouite or Boucherwi, made by most families from nomadic background. This craft is relying on instinct and experience rather than set design rules. Details are derived from nature, perfumes, sounds and tastes. Boucherouite carpets can be made from almost anything… second-hand clothing, tea towels, bed linen, even plastic! Current materials include recycled rag strips and yarns from ‘found’ textile remnants including wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, lurex and nylon.
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Irene’s Carpet of Life
A story of how Craftscurator ended up destroying her creations and shipping them off to Morocco.

Before I became a designer of home wares, I was a fashion designer. I went to art school, fell in love with textiles and graduated with a collection of 10 outfits for women.

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You probably know the feeling, looking at your favorite shirt or dress that is too old to wear but you can’t let it go. All those fond memories it carries…
We see it as the perfect base for a Carpet of Life – a tribute to fond memories, the power of imagination and social design within a unique interior piece!
Besides using personal memories to make a unique carpet, you can also think of using special memories of your family members, your team, your colleagues or an eclectic mix of memories of all your girlfriends.
We offer different general style categories you can use as inspiration, such as check, stripes and diamond, but as traditional Boucherouite derives form free expression we also give the option to let the design free.
The outcome of the carpet design is based on each individual crafter and cannot be completely predicted…

This is part of the adventure !

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