Hester Ezra is co-founder of Carpet of Life.

The women of Carpet of Life transformed my beloved wardrobe into a vibrant 'Carpet of Life'.

The simple grey t-shirt with the perfect fit...

Hester was most attached to the matching off-white top and skirt with pink roses.

With beautifully 'henna-hands' the women carefully knot

Details with which the carpets are created derive from nature

Hester's carpet a little on the way

The women of Taragalte wear these beautiful scarves they embroider themselves.

The result! The first Carpet created in Carpet of Life!

I visited the area many times.

Hester's carpet of life

The simple grey t-shirt with the perfect fit – a few small holes could not prevent me from wearing it. The black and white tiger-print dress I bought after a painful breakup with the intention to get out there again – it worked! The skirt I’ve had at least 10 years – two years ago I discovered I can also wear it as a strapless dress! But, I am most attached to the matching off-white top and skirt with pink roses. They belonged to my mother in the 80’s and I always loved this outfit because it gave her a romantic aura. She always polished her nails in a matching color. When she became very sick I asked her about it… No, apparently, it was long gone. So, I was surprised to find the skirt and top after her death. To be honest, for me, this could not be coincidence because it was the only item of her wardrobe I asked about. I had them in my drawer for about two years without knowing what to do with them. In the end, they became the inspiration for creating the Carpet of Life. So in my Carpet of Life I put the t-shirt… My tiger-print dress… The skirt that is now a dress… My mother’s matching ‘pink roses’ outfit and many other sentimental items…
The jeans of my boyfriend, the small vest that was so nice but always so itchy !