I sincerely thank the women of Taragalte for making my carpet, the women of Butterfly Works to help me in the design and the Impact Alliance to give me this precious present.
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Why did I destroy my creations and the clothes I love? To have an even more interesting creation made: my Carpet of Life. Using the scraps of fabric I sent, women in the oasis of M'Hamid made a carpet. A handmade, custom-made carpet for me to enjoy for years!
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Frits & Gerda

We are very happy with the rug. It looks beautiful and all clothes can be recognised together with the many treasured memories.
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In my Carpet of Life I put the t-shirt… My tiger-print dress… The skirt that is now a dress… My mother’s matching ‘pink roses’ outfit and many other sentimental items…
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A tapestry which my 13 year old daughter designed in a way that reflects the close connection her father had with the sea: a sunset at sea. This tapestry also provides those courageous, strong women in Morocco a source of income. What could be more beautiful than that!
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