how to make your carpet of life a reality?

    1. Select and wash the items in your wardrobe that you wish to include in your carpet. Have an open mind! Towels, bed sheets, stockings, socks, scarves, woolen pullovers are all usable! Anything that has a resemblance to textile.

    2. Make a nice color selection! Remember, the colors you choose will determine the general look of you carpet.

    3. Cut all clothing items completely through down the middle to start the process of creating the ‘thread’ for the carpet – this action also helps avoid any problems at customs.

    4. You will need to collect at least eight kilograms of material for the smallest size carpet (70 cm x 120 cm). See all the quantities required in relation to carpet size under pricing.

    5. select the pattern you would like for your carpet from the different style categories we offer as inspiration (see gallery – patterns or use button below) – you can also ask for a more conceptual design if you prefer.

    6. Write down your fondest memories of your clothing items or send us pictures if you like.
      You can also make an appointment with us to capture this for you.

    7. Write down your name and address clearly on the box or bag.

    8. Call or mail Carpet of Life to arrange a delivery time at our studio in Ghent.
      Tel. +0032 (0) 494 16 22 28 / info@carpetoflife.com
go to the gallery and select patterns


Small carpet ± 70 x 120 cm / min 8 kilo / € 395,-
Medium carpet
± 130 x 210 cm / min 14 kilo / € 595,-
Large carpet
± 210 x 260 cm / min 24 kilo / € 895,-
Extra-large carpet
± 260 x 420 cm / min 48 kilo / € 1.495,-

how to follow your carpet?

Carpet of Life will arrange transport of all raw materials to Morocco and back to Belgium. The women of the Taragalte Concept will carefully cut up your rags and prepare them for knotting into a unique Carpet of Life. Seeing your carpet come to life – the creation process is part of the fun and will be well documented. Find your Carpet of Life process on the Carpet of Life facebook page and pinterest.

when your carpet is ready

After your carpet is finished it will go with the first transport back Belgium. It will be delivered to the Carpet of Life studio in Ghent, where you can pick it up !

contact us or order your carpet of life:

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