Marcella’s carpet of life

Last year my husband passed away at the age of 52. I had given a lot of thought over the last months what to do with his wardrobe. But it was too difficult. Every single item brought back memories. Memories of him always wearing that particular comfy sweater when he woke up. Or that colourful T-shirt he liked to wear during the holidays, his ‘formal’ attire for business meetings. The idea of donating all these special items to a charity and never see them again was too difficult.
Then I came across an article about Carpet of Life and immediately knew: “This is what I shall do! Here is a way to transform his precious wardrobe into a work of art. By doing this, our children and I can preserve the fond memories by having a beautiful tapestry in the house. A tapestry which my 13 year old daughter designed in a way that reflects the close connection her father had with the sea: a sunset at sea. This tapestry also provides those courageous, strong women in Morocco a source of income.
What could be more beautiful than that!


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