The making of Adries carpet

The making of Adries carpet

Adries carpet in the Sahara

Adrie and her carpet

big diamond

Adrie's carpet of life

I am from a farmers’ family and we always had a big garden. It came with a lot of work and lots of fun when my big family was outdoors, playing, ragging, sitting, reading, eating, drinking, sleeping….all of it in the garden.
A while ago my husband and I bought a property in the semi-rural countryside close to The Hague. The joke in my family was that we bought a big, dirty, sandy paddock and………..by the way, a worn out house. For a while we kept some friendly Frisian horses in the paddock, mainly for galloping on the beach, but then my horse riding daughter left the house and one horse died. That was my moment to bring my past back to life: with our own hands we turned this dirty and sandy paddock into a big, flowering and green garden.
My origins are in one of the Dutch polders, where the Dutch turned water into mud into farms. Some of them were my parents. As children we asked them over and over again to tell us that story: after the Second World War you entered that empty polder and what then? They started planting, sowing and dibbling and turned that muddy, grey polder turning into a green, fertile, flourishing landscape.
So this is the story of my carpet of life: that grey and sandy background with on it that green, flowering diamond shape. All the used clothes belonged to my daughters, my husband, my parents and me. I sincerely thank the women of Taragalte for making my carpet, the women of Butterfly Works to help me in the design and the Impact Alliance to give me this precious present.
Everybody its own little Garden of Eden. It is my counterweight when I sometimes feel angry and frustrated by still encountering so much ugly, grey injustice and poverty in the world of today
But look before you leap: in contrast to the mythical Garden of Eden, you will always work in your own one.
Adrie Papma
Monster, 18 March 2014